Tshara’s Fantasy Castle

Castles have always been my favorite thing to build in Minecraft. This one however is special to me. I started this project as a survival build on the Dreamercraft legacy server after a map reset. Got it about 90% complete when the server went down and had a lot of fun memories building it. This burned me out on MC …

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The builder Less_Hero Steve’s hypothesis of this being a new, inhabited world were correct. Just a mile away, he caught a glimpse of a small tower, perched on a mountaintop. He walked towards it, hoping to find details of where he was. As he reached the edge of the mountain, something bigger stood before him; a large, long wall, and a …

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WulfStone Castle

This castle was built by Supah_Novah A large stone castle and keep inspired by the local castles in my area. I decided to try something new, and rather than go for the usual; build something that looks nice, I tried to build something that would be slightly more useful at filling it’s purpose. So rather than go for logs and …

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