WulfStone Castle

This castle was built by Supah_Novah

A large stone castle and keep inspired by the local castles in my area. I decided to try something new, and rather than go for the usual; build something that looks nice, I tried to build something that would be slightly more useful at filling it’s purpose. So rather than go for logs and wool, I decided to go for much stronger stone and cobble (although I may have added in some unnecessary detail!) I hope it looks authentic and much more like a military castle than one to live in.

As with all of my builds, it was originally built in default so that it should transition well into all texture packs, but I have taken my screenshots in the Conquest pack!

It was built on the Vindicta UK server, where I spend most of my time. If you would like to come and see the original for yourself, or show off your own skills, then please feel free to come along and say hello!

If you would like to use this build in your own server or adventure map, then feel free although it would be appreciated if credit was given. 😀

– CardTurner

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